Trade Marks

Introductory Guide to Trade Marks

Letters & Thoo has authored the E-book “Own Your Trade Mark” for  Dragon Law’s “Does the Law Matter” Series of Introductory Guides which is intended to provide a practical understanding of key issues involved in establishing, registering, and maintaining your trade mark rights in Hong Kong so that the value to your business  may be maximized.

The full text of the E-book may be read by clicking here.

Minimum Filing Requirements in Hong Kong

  • A request for registration of the trade mark
  • Applicant name and address details
  • A representation of the trademark
  • Details of the goods or services to the covered by the trade mark
  • If Convention priority is to be claimed, details of the priority date, as well as the country and application number of the priority application

Overseas Trade Mark Protection for Hong Kong clients

Typically, a trade mark may be first-filed in Hong Kong or elsewhere to establish a priority date for the trademark.

Further trade mark applications may be subsequently filed in most overseas countries under the Paris Convention claiming the same priority date as the first-filed trade mark application if such further trademark applications are filed within 6 months of the earliest priority date.

It may still be possible to file further applications for the trade mark overseas after the 6 months Paris Convention filing deadline has expired, however, registration of such further trade mark applications may be restricted by prior trade mark rights of others.

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