Recovery of Hong Kong Patent Rights

patent rights recovery

Hong Kong patent rights may be inadvertently lost by failure to file a Hong Kong patent application or take other necessary action before a relevant statutory deadline.

In certain circumstances, it may be possible to recover or mitigate loss of patent rights in Hong Kong if such rights are important for enforcement or commercial purposes. However, this can be an extremely complex process requiring careful consideration of the multi-jurisdictional status of the patent family, interpretation and selection of potentially available patent claim scope applicable under Hong Kong practice, as well as awareness of timing issues and the impact of potential public policy and regulatory restrictions imposed under Hong Kong and foreign patent practice.

We are uniquely placed amongst Hong Kong intellectual property firms to assist clients in dealing with these problems when they arise. Our patent attorneys have many years of highly specialised experience and know-how assisting clients in resolving these problems by delivering innovative and proven IP rights recovery and mitigation strategies in order to get patent rights back on track in Hong Kong, quickly and effectively.

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