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We understand the unique challenges faced by start-up companies and other early-stage ventures in securing and exploiting IP rights for new technologies. With technical backgrounds in mechanical, electrical (information systems), and biomedical engineering, we take a particular interest in assisting new technology start-ups in utilising their intellectual property assets to achieve their commercial objectives.

Whilst there is no mandatory requirement to secure IP rights for new technologies and there may often be compelling reasons to allocate limited funding toward product development rather than IP at an early stage, if a new technology does ultimately become commercially successful and IP rights are required by third-party investors or commercial partners to secure licensing or to prevent copying, it is often too late to do anything.

Why is an intellectual property strategy important?

With increasingly fierce competition amongst start-ups vying for opportunities to attract third-party investment and capital, it is imperative that a commercially sensible IP strategy be developed at an early stage in order to bolster commercial confidence in the technology and to alleviate risk of jeopardising potential IP rights which may ultimately become the most important commercial assets of the business.

If handled properly, a commercially effective intellectual property strategy does not have to break the budget and pending patent rights can be established relatively quickly and cost-effectively so as to keep options for pursuing patent protection open for as long as possible at minimal cost.

We have specialist expertise and know-how to provide start-up companies with the following services:

  • Advising on preparation of Hong Kong government grant applications for funding of patent protection programs covering new inventions
  • Rapid and cost-effective establishment of pending patent rights to cover new technologies in view of imminent disclosure for commercial purposes, in anticipation of academic publication, or prior to exhibition at trade fairs
  • Preparing reports on patentability, freedom-to-operate, ownership and other IP-related issues to comply with third-party due diligence requirements during commercial transactions and to build commercial confidence in new technologies
  • Advising on defensive IP strategies to alleviate risk of disruption to commercial operations by aggressive tactics of dominant market competitors
  • Advising on patent filing and prosecution strategies for expediting progression of patent applications in key international jurisdictions including for “environmentally-friendly” inventions
  • Filing and prosecution of trade mark applications in Hong Kong and internationally to protect brand identity of new start-up companies

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